truck exhaust

Our exhaust accessories and components are integrated into complete exhaust systems to meet the most challenging customer requirements. As a supplier of mufflers and formed tube assemblies, we can supply aluminized, mild, and stainless steel, as well as finishes such as zinc, and chrome plating.

We carry everything (and I mean everything) from 2” to 6 “ including stainless steel Flex, 30, 45, 60, 90, 180, and 360 degree bends and elbows, adaptors, expanded adaptors, Nelson Mufflers, Chrome Stacks (plain and Deflector), Exhaust Raincaps are chromed too. You name it we’ve got it. On the shelf as always.

Wholesale and trade enquires welcome.


what we carry in stock

  1. -chrome stacks

  2. -Exhaust Rain caps (chrome)

  3. -straight steel tubing

  4. -stainless flex

  5. -“d” clamps

  6. -torctite Butt clamps

  7. -torctite lap clamps

  8. -accuseal single bolt clamps

  9. -easyseal flat band clamp

  10. -30 degree mandrel bends

  11. -45 degree mandrel bends

  12. -60 degree mandrel bends

  13. -90 degree mandrel bends

  14. -180 degree mandrel bends

  15. -360 degree exhaust donuts

  16. -flex (bellows) connectors

  17. -v band clamps

  18. -single couplers

  19. -straight tube couplers

  20. -lipped flange’s

  21. -expanded lipped flanges

  22. -expanded couplers

  23. -expanded adaptors

  24. -splitter “t” adaptor pipe

  25. -“y” junctions

  26. -exhaust “cones”

  27. -exhaust “donuts”

  28. -eise mufflers

  29. -nelson mufflers

  30. -full and half exhaust guards

  31. -

a sample of the range


everything from 2” to 6” is right here

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