Trailer parts & accessories

30 Years experience in business counts for a lot. And when it comes to trailer parts we have everything ... well almost. Quality parts at affordable prices. And there are lots of them. We have spent years refining our purchasing to procure only the best in each field to bring to you a complete range of Trailer parts to withstand the demands of the earthmoving and longhaul industry.

From Torque rod Bushes to wheel studs and nuts, Wheel bearings and seals, Axle nut spanners, air operated tailgate kits, tow couplings, turntables, landing legs the list goes on and on. We have been building on our stocks every month to reduce the downtime on your trucks and get you back on the road .... our parts come to you straight off the shelf.

We believe we have the largest range of new truck spare parts than any business on the Sunshine Coast, but don’t take our word for it. You be the judge of that. Ring us today for a quote on all your truck spares, or better than that, come and see for yourself !


what we carry in stock

  1. -Turntables & spare parts

  2. -landing legs

  3. -wheel bearings

  4. -wheel seals

  5. -wheel studs and nuts

  6. -wheel wedges

  7. -axle spanners

  8. -wheel spacers

  9. -tow couplings

  10. -ringfeeder tow coupling

  11. -meritor brake linings

  12. -lined brake shoe’s

  13. -bendix brake shoe kits

  14. -bendix brake valves

  15. -bendix brake chambers

  16. -brake drums

  17. -s cams

  18. -tailgate air cylinders (2 way)

  19. -tailgate swing kits

  20. -hendrickson bushes

  21. -hendrickson shocks

  22. -trailer shock absorbers

  23. -trailer air springs (bags)

  24. -air tanks

  25. -water tanks

  26. -trailer height control valves

  27. -liftings straps

  28. -liftings slings

  29. -load restraint chain 6,8,10mm

  30. -chain load binders

  31. -hand ratchets 25,35,50,75mm

  32. -replacement ratchet straps

a sample of our range

  1. -ratchet load binders / dogs

  2. -mudflaps

  3. -plastic mudguards

  4. -wheel chocks


trailer spare parts

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