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Baldwin Filter’s goal is to design the best products available for the market. We now offer the same commitment to quality in Radial Seal housings designed to support applications requiring up to 75 cfm.

Baldwin’s Radial Seal housings are constructed with a glass-filled polymer, which is designed to survive extreme vibration and temperature variations from -60°F to 250°F. The housings feature two-stage air filtration with a built-in pre-cleaner, removing up to 70% of contaminants before they ever reach the primary air filter.

Both housings have a 5 1/2" O.D. and are 10 11/16" long with 1 3/4" inlet and outlet. These housings fit a variety of mounting options with straight or 90° outlet configuration. The 90° outlet rotates to accommodate additional mounting options.

Corrosion resistant, stainless steel clips positively secure the lid to the housing. A corrosion resistant mounting band is also available for use with these housings.

The evacuator valve is orientated at a 45° angle to support horizontal or vertical installations and can be moved to accommodate specific applications. An integrated sensor port provides the option to install a variety of air restriction gauges.

Baldwin offers both inner and outer filter elements to fit these housings. These filters feature a urethane compound used to bond the media pack, including the inner and out metal wrappers. The heavy-duty Radial Seal gasket formed from this urethane compound is designed to make servicing easier and more cost effective. The inner element is designed to protect the engine while the outer filter is being changed.

The Baldwin housing and filters provide superior dust holding capacity and contaminant removal efficiency for protection that outperforms the competition. Trust Baldwin Filters to provide you with clean air filtration solutions.


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Baldwin’s radial seal housings provide superior dust holding capacity

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